Student Technology at Braddock ES

Student Device Responsible Use Guidelines

FCPS loaned devices should be used only in conjunction with projects relating to the educational programs of FCPS. It may not be used as a personal or social device for  students at home or school.

  • The device is loaned to the student temporarily for student use only.
    • Friends, family members, or other students may not use it.
  • The device is valuable and should be treated appropriately. It should always be:
    • Handled with care (Closed and carried with two hands)
    • Stored in its carrying case when not in use and while transporting it
    • Properly stored in a location where it will not be dropped, stepped on, or exposed to extreme temperatures
    • Left in a secure location while not in use
    • Charged each night so it has a full battery at the start of the school day
  • Keep away from pets, food, and liquids.
  • Practice responsible digital citizenship skills while using the device.
  • The device has Internet filtering that helps keep students safe on the Internet by blocking harmful and inappropriate sites. Families still need to monitor their students when using the device.
  • All files should be saved in Schoology or Google Apps for Education, not on the computer hard drive since data will be wiped once returned.
  • The device should be powered off (Shut Down in settings, not just closed) completely at the end of each school day.
  • FCPS may review anything on the device at any time.
  • Tech support is provided at your school during school hours only:
    • Let school staff know if the device is having problems.
    • Students and family should never attempt to repair the laptop themselves or take it to a repair shop.


$427.95 (iPad, case, 2 yr apple care)

$19 for the charger

$19 for the lightning to USB-C cable


$458.00 for the laptop

$23.00 for the charger

*The prices above may change.

Inform school staff of a lost/stolen device immediately. Parent/Guardian will reimburse FCPS for damages to the device or replacement cost if the device is missing.

Please sign the paper form in your child's First Day Folder indicating that you have read the responsible use guidelines and return the form to your child’s teacher. The form must be signed for each student attending BES.