Art, Culture, and a Love for Learning

By Charity Risko and Chat GPT
September 12, 2023

In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, promoting global understanding and cultural exchange has never been more important. Two passionate Guatemalan artists are making a big impact through their transformative art. Working tirelessly to turn a school into a canvas of cultural expression and STEM exploration, these artists are redefining education and fostering global connections within their community. 

Beatriz "Bea" Torres was born in Guatemala in 1994.  In 2015, she decided to dedicate herself fully to the visual arts. In 2017, she started creating murals for the volunteer project "Art and Tourism: a Country with More Color."  Her participation as a volunteer painter with Task-Tarea began in 2018, and has painted in schools each year to help inspire students and teachers. She also works as a professional painter throughout the Republic of Guatemala. This trip to the United States was her first opportunity to visit and paint in another country.

artist spray paint



Darwin Lopez (Daest) is 26 years old and from Guatemala. He has been dedicated to mural art since he was 14 years old. He is very passionate about painting birds and flowers since they represent freedom and have very warm colors. He has been volunteering with Task-Tarea since 2018 when the group painted rural schools in Guatemala each year for the project "Weaving Smiles, Sowing Values”.

artist, spray paint


One of the key objectives of this mural project is to celebrate cultures around the world. Bea and Daest have drawn inspiration from their own cultural heritage to create murals that tell the stories of various communities. The vivid colors and intricate details of their work transport students and visitors to Guatemala. Braddock Elementary School is not just a place for learning; it's a gateway to the world. In addition to promoting global connections and culture, the murals showcase that Braddock ES is deeply committed to STEM education. Art and science can coexist harmoniously, and these murals reflect this belief. The artists have successfully integrated art and science, sparking students' curiosity about the world around them and emphasizing the interconnectedness of all subjects. As a result of the murals, students have not only developed a greater appreciation for art, culture, and science, but they have also cultivated a sense of global awareness and empathy. The murals serve as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of the world and the importance of respecting and understanding one another. The school's hallways have been transformed into a place of inspiration, sparking curiosity and promoting positive values.


Thank you Bea and Daest for sharing your time and talent with the Braddock Elementary School community.